Logic Lost & DVY will joined Music Lane Okinawa 2024

SRM Bands

Upper(L→R) Alisson Shore (Philippines) / FORD TRIO(Thailand) / Musician's House (Taiwan) Middle(L→R) DVY(Indonesia) / Taba Chake (India) / Ohelen (South Korea) Lower(L→R ) UCHU YUREI (Hong Kong) / THE Shakukou MP(China)

Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024

The 13 members of the 3rd lineup of "Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2024" will be held from January 19th (Friday) to January 21st (Sunday), 2024, mainly at Music Town Oto Market in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture. 5 domestic groups and 8 overseas groups) will present. Including the 1st lineup and the 2nd curation artist Nobuki Akiyama (DYGL), a total of 44 groups (26 domestic and 18 overseas) will be announced.

The trio band “Ovall” consisting of Shingo Suzuki, mabanua, and Shingo Sekiguchi will appear in Okinawa for the first time. Arranging jazz, soul, hip-hop, and rock on the same level, live performance and sampling seamlessly go back and forth, throwing sounds into an oval groove.
Darth Raider, a rapper who has honed his sharpness as a debater, returned to Music Lane Festival for the first time in two years. I think he will show off his passion as a rapper to the fullest.
"HOME"'s presence became widely known mainly in Asia through the Asia tour that took place in Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan from October to November. We look forward to its even more powerful performance.
Ryo Nakamura, who appeared as the drummer for the jazz unit Element of the Moment last year, will present a new world view using video with his solo unit "akira.drums."
Luvis, from Kyoto, is a Generation Z singer-songwriter who writes, composes, and makes tracks all by himself. Characterized by an organic sound influenced by jazz, soul, beat music, R&B, etc., her chill, emotional tracks and soothing, ennui vocals gently envelop the listener's heart.

Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2024 Line Up :
norké  https://friendship.mu/artist/norke/
TOSH  https://twitter.com/_ku_gai_
Kinami  https://www.facebook.com/kinamiii
安次嶺希和子 / Kiwako Ashimine https://www.instagram.com/__kuraragram__/
HELL型 / HELL GATA https://hell-gata.tumblr.com/
KACHIMBA COMBO  http://kachimba.com/

Japan (Outside Okinawa)
tomodati  https://tomodati.me
TAMTAM  https://tamtam-band.com/
FamousJapanese  http://famousjapanese.com
SPENSR  https://lit.link/spensr
Billyrrom  https://billyrrom.com/
ermhoi  http://ermhoi.com/
Johnnivan  https://welovejohnnivan.com/
Bearwear  https://note.mu/bearwearjp
snowy  https://lit.link/snowymusic
KAO=S  https://www.kaos-japan.net

XTIEHong Konghttp://www.xtieofficial.com
SOS Philippineshttp://www.facebook.com/sosbandforever
August WahhPhilippineshttps://linktr.ee/augustwahh
VVAS Thailandhttps://linktr.ee/vrvvas
LEMONY Thailandhttp://www.sanamluangmusic.net/th/artist/76/LEMONY
E-SAN FUSIONThailandhttps://www.facebook.com/chetesanfusion
San The Wordsmith & The WorkshopSingaporehttps://www.instagram.com/santhewordsmith/
Logic LostIndonesiahttps://www.srmbands.id/help/logiclost
strawman. & celine.MongoliaItalyhttps://www.instagram.com/strawman.and.celine/
Ice HokkuIsraelhttps://icehokku.com
Alisson Shore (Philippines) 
(Thailand) https://www.crazymondae.com/ford-trio/
Shakukou MP (China) ) https://weibo.com/u/2559337951
Musician's House 
(Taiwan) https://linktr.ee/musicians_house_
(South Korea) https://www.instagram.com/neohle/
(Indonesia) / Indonesia) https://www.srmbands.id/help/dvy 

UCHU YUREI / Space Ghost (Hong Kong / Hong Kong) https://www.instagram.com/uchu_yurei/ 

Taba Chake (India / India) https:// linktr.ee/tabachakemusic

“Alisson Shore” is a new generation HIPPUHOP artist representing Manila. In August of this year, they also performed at "Our New Songlines" held at Koza in conjunction with the Basketball World Cup, collaborating with Okinawan Rude-α and others.
“FORD TRIO” is a three-piece funk rock band from Thailand. He is also known for his collaboration with Kaoru Hashimoto of Helsinki Lambda Club. He left a big impression at the circuit festival BiKN Shibuya held in Tokyo in November.
“THE Shakukou MP” is a three-member indie rock band formed in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. They steadily gained support from indie fans with their lo-fi yet light sound. The latest album "it's ok" released in 2021 ranked 4th in the indie category of the annual ranking of China's largest streaming site.
“Musician's House” is a band that fuses traditional Chinese instruments, pop, rock, and electronic music. Received the Silver Award at the 2023 Global Music Awards.
“Ohelen” is a talented Korean singer-songwriter. She attracted a lot of attention at the 2022 Seoul Music Week showcase, and this year she will also perform at festivals in the Czech Republic and Taiwan. A global breakthrough is expected in 2024.
“DVY” is a female duo from Makassar, Indonesia. She has gained recognition for her electric pop music.
“UCHU YUREI” is a Hong Kong instrumental progressive fusion band that integrates elements of jazz, rock, Latin, and orchestra. "Space Ghost" means "space spirit" in Japanese. It embodies the fluidity and freedom of their creative process.
"Taba Chake" is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. She incorporates musical elements from country, tribal folk, traditional jazz, reggae, pop, rock, fingerstyle guitar, and even Bollywood. The exotic sounds of her native Nyaishi, which are incorporated into some of her works, enrich her music.

General advance tickets will go on sale tomorrow, November 11th (Saturday).
We are also preparing tickets to support domestic artists.

Date: January 19th (Friday) - 21st (Sunday), 2024
Venue: Music Town Oto Market and surrounding areas
Time: TBA

General tickets (1DAY) 3,000 yen in advance, 3,500 yen on the day (no date specified, 1 drink order required)
(2DAY) 5,000 yen (advance only, 1 drink order required each day)
U-20 ticket advance, 2,000 yen on the day (date specified) (None, 1 drink order required, ID required)
*Each ticket can be exchanged for a wristband at Music Town Oto Market before entering each venue.

Ticket Box
Music Town Oto Market, Sakurazaka Theater, E+, Lawson Ticket, Ticket Pia, Fukuhara Musical Instrument Store, Teruya Musical Instrument Store, Campus Records, etc.

Artist support ticket

You can support domestic artists by purchasing advance tickets for general tickets. We will set up a page where you can purchase tickets for each performing artist via Peatix. If you make a reservation here, 500 yen per ticket will be paid to the designated artist.
*Peatix only accepts reservations. Payment and ticket delivery will be handled at the venue on the day of the event.

Reservations start from 11/11 (Sat) 0:00 using the link below!

Inquiries/Telephone Reservations: Music Town Otoichiba

Sponsored by: Okinawa City/Music Town Oto Market