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Logic Lost is the moniker of Jakarta, Indonesia-based electronic experimental artist Dylan Amirio. Started during his college years in Melbourne, Australia as a medium to convey his feelings of loneliness and anxiety, Logic Lost’s experimental music has been described as ambient, drone, and downtempo.

Dylan started Logic Lost as a way to express his reactions to his environment using the vulnerability of his heart, and therefore relishes in the sounds that correlate with this kind of onus. 

His debut album, Runaway, adopted a variety of beat-driven electronic influences and was released under Bandung indie label Orange Cliff Records in 2015. It was followed up by the If I Trust You EP, released under online techno label DEAD Records in 2017, opting a more accessible sound due to experimenting a lot with the pop songwriting structures.

Deciding to take a more personal, introspective take into his music, Logic Lost aimed to explore the emotions of guilt, regret and self-improvement, which are grounded in his day to day life. The resulting album, Forgive Yourself, was released again under Orange Cliff Records on July 2018, and features a collaboration with experimental artist Tesla Manaf.

Live-wise, Logic Lost tries to integrate selected imagery crucial to bringing the visual character of his music to life. Aside from music, he is interested and influenced greatly by animated works and their surreal natures, which feature heavily in his visual live show.