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Skandal is an alternative group with a touch of indie rock and hints of power pop, which identifies itself as a present-day musical unit with a ‘bit of ‘90s hangover and every sentimental side of things.

Heavily influenced by Indonesian pop-rock and indie groups, as well as the melodic sounds of US and British underground rock bands from the ‘90s and early 2000s, Skandal combines bittersweet hooks and glistening crunchy guitars with pop sensibilities here and there to make their sonic offering.

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the band now consists of vocalist Yogha Prasiddhamukti, guitarist/vocalist Robertus Febrian, guitarist Ibrahim Rheza, and drummer Argha Mahendra.

Hometown: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock/Pop Rock

Sugar/Skandal - demo (digital) - Self Released, 2011
Superfine - single (digital) - Yellow Records, 2016
Sugar - EP (CD) - Yellow Records, 2016
Sugar - EP (cassette) - Winona Tapes, 2016
Racau - single (digital) - Langen Srawa Records, 2019
Laidback Journey Vol. 1 Compilation - compilation (cassette) - JRNY Records, 2019
Sloppy Odd Stereo - split w/ Texpack (cassette), Langen Srawa Records, 2019
Percuma - single (digital) - Winona Tapes, 2020
Derby Days: Indonesian Indie Rock Compilation - compilation (digital & cassette) - Anoa
Records & Leeds Records, 2021
Lemon/Bosan - maxi-single (digital) - Winona Tapes, 2021
Lemon/Bosan - maxi-single (cassette) - Langen Srawa Records, 2021
Terbang - single (digital) - La Munai Records, 2023