SRM Bands

Arief Muhammad – Vocals
Mark Ricardo Nayoan –  Guitars
Mickey Nayoan –  Keyboards
Shendy Adam – Bass
Fadli Wardhana – Drums

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rumahsakit is known as one of the pioneer of Jakarta's indie movement. Founded in 1994 in Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ), the band managed to get a record deal and released their debut selftitled album in 1998 featuring two classic anthems, "Hilang" and "Pop Kinetik", two singles that are still on the playlist of some radios. The 2nd album, "Nol Derajat" was released in 2000, in which the band experimented with different sounds and wrote darker lyrics. With singles such as "Terbalik", "Kuning", "Mati Suri" and "Anomali", the album received a cult status and are widely hunted as collector's item.

After a long period of performing almost every week without any new material, the band decided to split in 2004. In 2010, the band reunited for a birthday gig and thousands of people came to see them at Bulungan, Jakarta. This gig inspired their comeback and two years later they released a new album titled "1+2", in which they re-recorded 4 songs from each of their two previous albums and added 4 new tracks. The launching of this album, after they released their first single "Bernyanyi Menunggu" for a free download, was greatly anticipated. The launch gig sold out in minutes, with hundreds still queueing outside the venue. The second single "Sirna" proved to be a farewell song for Andri LMS. The founding member/vocalist quit in early 2014 for personal reason and the band soon found a new vocalist to replace him.

Arief Muhammad was discovered on SoundCloud and was invited to audition by the band. Not long after that they record their latest album "+imeless" with a new, fresher sound, exploiting Arief's wider and more versatile vocal range. The album, released on April 2015, reached a wider audience and was on the list of Best Album of 2015 by both CNN and Rolling Stone Indonesia. The first single "3:56" is catchy and upbeat with feel-good lyric, while the 2nd, "Duniawi" written by Arief, is a laid back ballad with soft acoustic guitars and melodious strings. The band recently released the music video of Duniawi, directed by Eugene Panji.

In 2019, they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with Concert in Mbloc Space and released a Compilation on a Cassette and Vinyl Format. Before that, they always productive, released single by single 'Anywhere But Here', 'Delightful' , 'Apa yang tak Bisa (Acoustic Version), 'Panasea' and also 'Hilang' remake, in collaboration with Adinda Thomas.