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Sunwich is an indie pop band from North Jakarta, consisting of Aliefia Augustine, Vebrian Elwan, and Raflie ‘Ibek’ Arbiantara. Sunwich has captured many ears through their debut single “Enouement” by reaching over 100.000 streams on Spotify in only three months.

In 2020, the band released their debut EP called “Storage”. The EP also caught many audiences by being included in twelve editorial playlists around Asia, even becoming the cover on “Skena Gres” playlist. “Twenty” single reached 10k streamers in only three days and the band’s songs are being included in 2.9k Spotify users playlist around the world.

The band is influenced by Boy Pablo, Wallows, Requin Chagrin, and such and has become more popular among teenagers to adults around the world. Their vision is Their vision is to make more music and get more listeners in the future.