Sajama Cut

SRM Bands

  Marcel Thee - Vocals, Guitar
Dion Panlima Reza - Guitar
Hans Citra Patria - Keyboard
Artha Kurnia - Bass
Banu Satrio - Drums

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Sajama Cut was formed in 1999 in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have released 4 critically-acclaimed LPs, numerous EPs, and participated in more than a few film soundtrack and compilation records including the box office hit “Janji Joni” and legendary “JKT: SKRG”. Their singles “Less Afraid”, “Fallen Japanese”, “Alibi” , and “Paintings/ Pantings” reached top positions in a variety of radio charts. Sajama Cut has received critical adoration from publications including Rolling Stone, Nylon, Esquire, Trax, FHM, Jakarta Post, etc. The band has performed on numerous live TV broadcasts including Indonesian Morning Show, various MTV ID shows, ANTV Radio Show, MTV Insomnia etc.

Sajama Cut has worked with musicians and video artists from the US, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, amongst others.

Sajama Cut has played hundreds of concerts, including shows with Asobi Seksu, MGMT, The Whitest Boy Alive, Ruins Alone, Ken Stringfellow, Radio Dept, Sore, White Shoes and the Couples Company, and The Brandals.

The band is known for their active collaboration with contemporary artists from home and abroad including Broken Machine Films, Anggun Priambodo, Katherine Karnadi, Rega Ayundya Putra, Kendra Ahimsa, Will Long, YMCK, Video Game Orchestra, Paul Agusta, Eric Krueger, Ebes Rasyid, Adityo Kuncoro, and many more.

Their latest album “Hobgoblin” was released in June 2015 and quickly sold out its first pressing. It is released by Elevation Records on 12" vinyl, CD, and cassette. The band collaborated with more than 20 painters, illustrators, poets, video artists, and directors for the record’s promotional campaign.

Deathrockstar - “Indonesia’s best indie rock band, bar none”

The Jakarta Post - “In the ocean of fake performers with rock-star attitude, Sajama Cut is a much-needed breath of fresh air.” 

“ While most of their contemporaries warbled on about romance and heartbreak, the band’s second album, The Osaka Journal, brims with wit, regret and honesty about nothing in particular. And it takes a lot of guts to write an album with mostly English lyrics for the Indonesian market. Marcel Thee’s songwriting is as cryptic as R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe circa Murmur, and what anchors the album is the happy-sad melodies that don’t wear thin after repeated spins. The album’s lead single, “Fallen Japanese” has candy-coated Beatles melodies and quasi-choral works that seal its status as an instant classic.“ 

“When I first popped in The Osaka Journals CD, I found it hard to believe it was an Indonesian band.” 
Jason Tedjasukmana (TIME magazine)

The Jakarta Post - “What makes this quintet a staple on Indonesia’s thriving underground scene is their highly conceptual lyrics and vibrant experimentation with musical forms drawn from electronica, baroque pop, alternative and indie rock.” 

Today (Singapore) - “Amazing songs all – from the sunshine pop opening of Painting/Panting to the haunting synth-drenched Street Haunts, Manimal is an album to be savoured from start to finish, with enough goodies in between to keep every truly obsessed pop lover engaged for a very long time. It’s almost the end of 2010, and I am so glad that I have discovered one of the albums of the year.”

“Bila musik adalah tentang ekspresi, album ini terasa begitu personal penyampaiannya—dalam kejujuran beserta pilihan selimut kabutnya” 
Harlan Boer (musician, Cobra Magazine, C'mon Lennon, Jangan Marah Records) 

“Mendengarkan ‘The Osaka Journals’, membuat saya senang. Bukti bahwa band lokal dapat menghasilkan musik sebagus ini, dan mampu menampilkan sesuatu yang berbeda dengan band-band indie pop/rock lokal pada umumnya” 
Arian 13 (Seringai)