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Herald Reynaldo – Vocals, Guitar
Byatriasa Ega – Piano, Vocals
Yudishtira Mahendra – Bass, Percussions
Citra Winitya – Synth, Guitar, Bass
Purusha Irma Saraswati – Violin, Synth
Yudhistira Haryadi – Drums, Percussions, Sequencer, Vocal
Dimas Wisnuwardono – Guitar

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L’alphalpha is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, formed in 2006. The band consists of Herald Reynaldo (vocals,guitars) , Yudishtira Mahendra (Bass, various toys) , Tercitra Winitya (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer) , Ildo Reynardian (Drums,Guitar) , Byatriasa Ega (Vocals,Piano) , Purusha Irma (Violin) The band’s musical influences are varied. Their musical style is link to various genres such as indie rock, indie pop, post-rock, and Shoegazing.

Originally named Alphalpha which they took from a character in “little rascals” (alfalfa), Herald and Yudish formed this group as an acoustic and electric guitar duo to create a semi-ambient storytelling music and sings with whimsical lyrics with the sound from the children toys, and they came up with three demo songs, they had a couple gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. And then they decided to save the songs for the later of their career as a duo.

Yudish and Herald asked Tercitra to take part in their new interest in post-rock music. Yudish was playing the drums. They made three songs after a few Jam. Still using the name alphalpha the trio has played some small gigs in Jakarta,Bandung and Yogyakarta.

In 2008 Yudish and Herald met Ildo in a gig in Bandung, who previously helped them to record their first two demo songs. Ildo decided to join the band as a drummer soon after he came back from Germany a half year later, Yudish moved to play the bass and changed the band’s name into L’alphalpha and became a quartet. They were trying to record and make their first EP, but didn’t make it because of financial problems.

To enrich L’alphalpha’s music Ildo asked two of his high school friends Byatriasa and Irma to join the band in 2009. Because they wanted to make the music more Cinematic and Majestic like the Icelandic music which are their major influences at that time. And soon after they played numerous gigs as a six piece band and gathers wider attention from the people and other bands.

L’alphalpha Began working their debut album in the mid 2010, continuing their unreleased EP at Black Studio, Jakarta. And in February 2011 they self released their debut album entitled “When We Awake , All Dreams Are Gone”. In November 2013, They released their 2nd album, called “ Von Stufe Zu Stufe”. L’Alphalpha endorsed by The North Face.

Now, L’Alphalpha is Herald Reynaldo on Vocal and Guitar, Yudishtira Mahendra on Bass, Citra Winitya on Keyboard, Yudistira Haryadi on Drums, Byatriasa Pakarti Linuwih on Piano, Purusha Irma Saraswati on Violin and Dimas Wisnuwardono on Guitar.

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