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After releasing four singles;  “Before It’s Too Late” and “Burn Me Down” in March 2020, “Twisted” in February 2021 and “Falling” in July 2021, IQIF is now releasing his long awaited full - length album “#1” along with its promoted single “Humane” which will already be available to enjoy in various digital music platforms on October 12th 2021.

The release of IQIF's debut album “#1” which has been delayed for a year due to Covid 19,  consists of 9 songs, include all singles that has previously been released. IQIF gives range of inspirations from rock, garage, electronics and hip hop to forge his own flavour of music, combined with multiple elements into something audibly exciting and viscerally powerful. The album tittle "#1", represents all the focus, priority and effort that IQIF has put out for the album, making sure everything is top tier - #1 in quality, in order to be #1 in the listeners' ears. “I’m sure that this will be a powerful and colourful album that’s going to be worth the anticipation,” IQIF says.

Lyrics on "#1" consist of various themes which tells stories about IQIF's journey on getting through early adulthood; on the love part, the quarter-life- crisis part, the messed up part, the acceptance part and many more. “The Album is not just tells stories yet also as a motivation, a statement, a reminder for everyone to get, to embrace and to achieve all the things that they're believe in without having to follow "everything" what other people tells them to do” IQIF says.

IQIF produced “#1” with up and coming music producer Adityar Andra who previously working with musicians like; Neonomora, Kenny Gabriel, Teddy Adhitya and etc. IQIF also collaborated with some familiar names in indie music scene such as Iga Massardi of Barasuara, Neonomora, Rishanda Singgih, ShotgunDre, Felix "Bulix" Tri Kurnia of Laid This Night, Devinza Kendranata and Adityar Andra. “Musically, the album is written to be a powerful enforcement with rock elements that pump the listeners' adrenaline; yet it is wrapped in deliciously captivating melodies and garnished with touches of electronic instruments, resulting in songs that can appeal to everyone” IQIF explains.

The release of “#1” will also followed by the release of Its promoted single “Humane”. The song is about empowering the listeners to do what they can do, facing life’s irony that can make them feel certain things. However, IQIF explains that “It is okay to feel something, feeling sad, disappointed, or even anxious because It is normal, because It is Humane, that's just how human works and acceptance is probably the key”. “Humane” is letting people know that they're not alone in this world and that we are stronger together. If anything bad happens to them “We'll be there for you”. #WeWillBeThereForYou will be used as the song campaign for the song.

“Humane” will be also followed by its Official Music Video which will be released 3 weeks after the release of the song and album, which is on November 1st 2021. The Music Video will be directed by Adityar Andra and Krishna Wardhana who previously had been working with IQIF’s previous single “Twisted” and other musician like Teddy Adhitya and etc. The music video will shows multiple musicians and media personality singing the song "HUMANE" and expressing the lyrics in their own way. The main idea of the Music Video is about how Covid 19 gives negative impacts to people around the world and many people are ready to give help and support for them so they would not feel alone in this situation.

“#1” and “Humane” will be released under the recording label VURPLAY and will be available to enjoy on all digital music platforms starting October 12th 2021, coinciding with IQIF’s birthday month. IQIF wraps up, “This album has a very special meaning to me personally, that’s why I’m planning to release it on my birthday month October.”