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Almas Makitsuna – Drums
Rona Hartriant – Vocals, Guitar
Yogawerda Kessawa – Guitar
Tirta Petir Saputra – Bass


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eleventwelfth embarks on a different lane you cannot conceive, a lane in which they do not only verbalize their pain, anger and sadness, but also confer about something that they can always rely on, something about life, devotion and absence.

eleventwelfth starts as a duo musical project by Rona Hartriant and Almas Makitsuna in 2014 and later joined by Yogawerda Kessawa and get helped from Tirta Petir Saputra a year later, thus marks a new start from eleventwelfth that expands itself into a passionate project from all of its member.

Combining many aspects on music they love, eleventwelfth finally estab- lished their signature sound in late 2015 and released their first single “later on” accompanied with a Music Video which can be downloaded on Bandcamp for free. Their tunes mix everything in between of what you want to hear, an instrumentalisation of emotion which goes hand in hand with outspoken honesty.

In early 2016, eleventwelfth began recording their debut EP. After several months battling with idea to create what meant to be their self-actualiza- tion in art, they conclude the process with dignity, hoping to be heard by a lot of people that are trying to understand art in a peculiar perspective.

eleventwelfth is focusing their debut EP on the capacity to experience the pain of losing something important to you but you know you will never have it back as one of the member of the band just lost his father before they began their recording process because unfortunately, death is inevitable. These recurrent verses tell you about something you cannot avoid as you live your life wondering which one of you will be put to eter- nal rest earlier than anybody else.

As 2017 sets in front of their eyes, eleventwelfth is ready to go far in this world presenting their message in a collection of track with their self-ti- tled debut EP. They’re not just chanting you a refrain at the end of each stanza, they are presenting you a narrative, a plot to where your life would be and a feature to describe your manifold emotion.

Pride is not what they’re after, it is the satisfaction that keeps them going. They do this for themselves, for the sake of having a monumental back- ground to the definitive chapter of their lives. They do not hope if you can relate to this, but just to tell you in advance, you might be.

eleventwelfth’s debut self-titled ep, eleventwelfth, is officially out March 10th 2017 via six thirty recordings.

Digital: http://smarturl.it/eleventwelfthDigital

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/id/album/eleventwelfth/id1207397420 Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/Eleventwelfth-eleventwelfth/d- p/B06X3YJQ46
Bandcamp: https://630recs.bandcamp.com/album/eleventwelfth-ep

eleventwelfth’s debut self-titled ep, eleventwelfth, has been officially released in Japan on June 21st, 2017 via Waterslide Records in partner- ship with Six Thirty Recordings.

Waterslide Records, a record label based in Japan since 1996 known for releasing records from band like Snowing, Malegoat and many bands from various countries, has officially released eleventwelfth’s debut self-titled ep including two bonus tracks exclusively in Japan.

Available in various record stores throughout Japan, also available through online order in selected stores such as:

Tower Records: http://tower.jp/item/4501865/eleventwelfth Diskunion: http://diskunion.net/punk/ct/detail/1007386491 CDJapan: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/WS-167

The Japanese Pressing of eleventwelfth’s debut self-titled ep will also be available in limited quantity in Indonesia.

eleventwelfth newest single featuring Asteriska from Barasuara titled "your head as my favourite bookstore" from their upcoming debut self-ti- tled EP Official Music Video is now on YouTube.

There are things that we can't get past behind. Whether if it's a moment you always remember, an experience you wish to relive, an item you resist to throw, a place that you always miss, a person you can't forget, a friend you don't want to lose or a deceased father that loves you the most, even- tually things will fall apart.

There are times when you hope that you should have done things right and wonder of what might have been. But the regret might haunt you longer than you expect.

This is the story that we're trying to tell, to let us redeem ourselves for the time that we might have misspend and said to ourselves "it's fine, I'm not the only one who feels this misery."

Directed by: Rama Florenza Manafe
You're not the only one who feels this misery, share it to everyone who

might have shared the same feeling.

"your head as my favourite bookstore" is taken from the band's debut self-titled EP, eleventwelfth, out March 10th 2017 via Six Thirty Record- ings.

This song also got featured on “Breaking Indonesian Music” Playlist curat- ed by Apple Music Indonesia, and “Indonesia Viral 50” and “Indienesia” curated by Spotify Indonesia.

Introducing: eleventwelfth was held to celebrate the release of our debut self-titled EP. It was held in Borneo Beerhouse Friday, 7th April 2017 which organized by Six Thirty Recordings