SRM Bands

Mohammed Kamga - Vocals, Synth

Chevrina Anayang - Vocals, Keys

Tahir 'Tata' Hadiwijoyo - Vocals, Beat, Rap


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DEKAT is a music group from Jakarta, Indonesia formed in 2014 by Mohammed Kamga, Tahir "Tata" Hadiwijoyo and Chevrina Anayang

DEKAT's music is modern pop. Some of the artists who inspired them were Bastille , Ellie Goulding , Drake and Twenty One Pilots .

DEKAT has been working on the mini-album 'Lahir Kembali' (re-birth) since March 2014. They have been working on it in studios and homes, with the help of Anugerah "Uga" Swastadi and Marcellino "Marcell" Nugraha for his musical work and Sukma Raya "Uma" Wibawati for his vocal direction. The mini-album was released independently as a free download in September 2014, then went digital a month later.

DEKAT released his second mini-album, Meranggas in February 2016. In this mini-album they again entrusted Marcellino Nugraha as a producer who chose to record with the minimum equipment possible, a method inspired by Skrillex . Near described the music in Meranggas as "when Major Lazer marries Macy Gray and raises a child in Indonesia. On August 13, 2016, Dekat also delivered an impressive performance on the main stage of the international scale music festival, We the Fest.

On October 2, 2017, DEKAT released their single "20". What distinguishes this song from their previous works is the English-language lyrics and the work they have done entirely themselves until the mixing stage without a producer. A month later the single "100" which was a collaboration with Purpleducktape circulated, and on May 2, 2018 DEKAT returned to circulating their own single titled "Money" which tells of the members' financial problems. Thanks to "Money", DEKAT was nominated for AMI Awardss 2018 for Best Vocal Group Production Work.

In early September, DEKAT announced that they would release their first full album entitled Numbers through a fundraising program organized by The eight-track album was made in-house, with Kamga acting as producer. Fundraising attendees received Numbers on CD format a few days before the album went out digitally on October 12, 2018. 

Currently, they're promoting their new single called 'Machete'.